In this beard balm VS pomade comparison, you’ll discover exactly which product is right for you. What’s the difference between beard balm and pomade? Can you use beard balm and beard butter or pomade together? 

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Let’s find it out. Before the ultimate comparison, let me quickly give you an answer so you don’t have to read the entire article. 

What’s the Difference Between Beard Balm and Pomade?

The main difference between beard balm and pomade is their thickness and consistency. Beard balm is thicker and has more hold than pomade. It’s also more moisturizing and can help to tame flyaways effectively. 

What's the Difference Between Beard Balm and Pomade

Conversely, pomade is thinner and has less hold but gives a shinier finish. It’s a leave-in conditioner with a cream-like consistency, moisturizing and styling the beard. Compared to beard balm, pomade gives a more defined style.

Both products help eliminate dandruff, split ends, and itchiness while keeping your beard soft and well-groomed. 

That’s why you must be confused about what you should go for. 

So here are my thoughts using beard balm vs pomade:

If you have a dry or wiry beard, beard balm may be a better choice. But if you have a shorter beard and want to style it in a specific way, go for pomade.

Beard Balm VS Pomade: The Ultimate Comparison

We think that balm and pomade are the same, but they aren’t. Let’s get to know these beard products separately. 

What is Beard Balm

Beard balm is a fundamental ingredient of any well-rounded beard grooming routine. It’s a thicker and more substantial product than beard oil. It’s vital in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard. 

Beard balm is a versatile beard product. And you can use it on your head hair and mustache.

Beard balm even encourages beard growth, although not directly. Let’s dive deeper into what makes beard balm so effective and how it benefits your facial hair. 

One of the critical reasons for the thickness and effectiveness of beard balm is its unique blend of ingredients. You can also make beard balm at home

  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oils

Beeswax: Beeswax is a central component of beard balm, contributing to its thicker consistency. This natural ingredient is responsible for the balm’s ability to control and hold the beard when styling. 

Whether you’re shaping your beard or mustache, the beeswax in beard balm provides the necessary structure and hold.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is another essential ingredient in beard balm. It adds a rich and creamy texture to the balm, offering excellent moisturizing properties. 

Shea butter helps soften and condition your beard, making it more manageable and less prone to tangles.

Carrier Oils: Beard balms also contain carrier oils, such as argan or jojoba oil. 

These oils contain vitamins and nutrients that benefit your facial hair and the skin beneath it. They help to hydrate and nourish your beard, preventing dryness and promoting healthy growth.

Essential Oils: Many beard balms incorporate essential oils to provide fragrance and therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, or tea tree add a pleasant scent and offer antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your beard and skin healthy.

Beard balm may cause acne and clog pores if you use it accessively. So, learn how to use it effectively. 

How to Apply Beard Balm

Before applying beard balm, it’s important to prepare your beard properly. Start by washing your beard with warm water and gently towel-drying it, ensuring it’s clean and debris-free. This step helps the balm to penetrate effectively.

And then follow these quick steps to use beard balm effectively:

How to Apply Beard Balm
  • Wash and towel dry your beard.
  • Scoop out a small amount of balm.
  • Rub it between your hands to melt it.
  • Apply in a circular motion, starting from the root and moving upward.

Use a beard comb or brush afterward to maximize the benefits of beard balm. This helps evenly distribute the balm, ensuring every strand is coated, and your beard looks its best. 

The best time to apply beard balm is at night. The balm will penetrate deeply overnight, giving you all-day protection and hold. And stop using beard balm when it expires

Also, remember that a little goes a long way with beard balm, so start with a small amount and add more if needed. Over-applying can leave your beard feeling greasy and cause acne and clog pores

Finally, be patient and take your time when massaging the balm into your beard, as this allows the product to work its magic effectively and leaves your beard well-nourished and styled to perfection.

What is Pomade

Regular pomade is a greasy, petroleum-based product. It’s a thick and waxy substance that helps to style the hair with a slightly wet look. 

This type of pomade is often used for slicked-back looks or crisp hairstyles. However, it usually dries out your hair and scalp over time due to its high content of wax and petroleum. 


On the other hand, water-based pomades are a healthier alternative to regular pomades. It offers similar styling benefits without drying out your hair and scalp. 

Beard pomade serves a distinct purpose compared to beard balm. While beard balm focuses on providing hold and moisture, pomade offers a different set of benefits for your facial hair. 

Beard pomade usually means beard cream or beard butter. Let’s explore what sets beard pomade apart and how it contributes to a well-groomed beard.​​

Beard pomade is essentially a leave-in conditioner specially formulated for your facial hair. It combines the functionality of a conditioner and a styling product, making it a versatile addition to your beard grooming routine.

Ingredients of bead pomade:

  •  Water
  •  Vegetable Glycerin
  •  Beeswax
  •  Emulsifying Wax
  •  Essential Oils

Pomade boasts a cream-like consistency unlike beard balm, which is relatively solid due to its beeswax content. This texture makes applying and distributing through your beard easy, ensuring even coverage and optimal results.

One of the primary functions of beard pomade is to moisturize and nourish your facial hair. It contains nourishing ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft, leaving your beard hydrated and soft. 

Dry and coarse beard hair leads to discomfort and an unruly appearance, but with pomade, you can combat these issues effectively.

While providing moisture, beard pomade also excels in the styling department. It tames flyaways and frizz, making your beard look neat and well-groomed. 

This is especially useful for longer beards or maintaining styles like a well-defined goatee or intricate beard art.

Beard pomade goes beyond simply moisturizing your beard; it imparts a healthy and vibrant appearance. Your facial hair will be lustrous and well-maintained with this conditioning product.

Another advantage of beard pomade is its versatility. While it’s primarily for your facial hair, you can also use it on your head hair. 

How to Use Pomade Effectively

Here’s how to apply beard pomade correctly:

  • Ensure clean hands for a hygienic application.
  • Scoop a small amount of pomade.
  • Warm and soften it by rubbing it between your hands.
  • Apply evenly from root to tips.
  • Style your beard as desired.

Use the right amount and spread it evenly to get a neat appearance without being too greasy. Let me share some additional tips when applying beard pomade:

Start with a small amount of pomade and add more if needed. Overusing can lead to a greasy appearance.

Ensure that you evenly distribute the pomade throughout your beard. This helps in achieving a uniform, well-groomed look.

Beard pomade is excellent for taming flyaways and achieving a precise style. Use a comb or brush to shape your beard exactly as you desire.

When applying pomade, focus on the mid-lengths to the tips of your beard. Applying it directly to the roots can create a greasy and weighed-down look.

Depending on the length and thickness of your beard, you may need to adjust the amount of pomade you use. Experiment to find the right balance for your specific beard type.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your beard pomade, ensuring a well-maintained and styled beard with a clean, polished appearance.

FAQs for the Bead Balm VS Pomade & Other Products

Let me answer a few questions about beard balm and other moisturizing products. 

What is better, beard oil or balm?

In beard oil vs beard balm, the best choice depends on your needs. If you need to soften and moisturize your beard, then beard oil is the better option. For styling purposes, go for beard balm.

Can I Use Beard Balm And Beard Butter Together?

Yes, you can use beard balm and beard butter together. Many people do this for extra moisture on their beards. But I don’t recommend using them both because it combines almost the same ingredients. 

Or you can use beard balm at night and beard butter during the day to see the best results. Using both these beard products together may overkill or double down similar ingredients.

Can you use beard balm on your hair?

Yes, you can apply beard balm on your head hair to moisturize it, as the ingredients are natural and safe. But use it sparingly to avoid greasiness. I don’t recommend using both of these products because some balms have petroleum-based oils that are difficult for head hair to absorb. 

Can you use beard balm as a pomade?

Sure, you can use beard balm as a gentle hair gel for your beard. It won’t make your beard hard but can help keep it tidy. It’s like using a lighter version of hair gel for your beard. So, yes, you can use it that way!

Is hair balm and pomade the same?

No, hair balm and pomade are not the same. Hair balm is a thicker, creamier product that helps to soften and moisturize the hair, while pomade is a thinner, oil-based product that helps to style and hold the hair in place.

Balm may be a better choice if you have dry or damaged hair. And if you have shorter hair, you should go for pomade.

What is the difference between beard wax and pomade?

Beard wax and pomade are a bit different. Pomade stays soft all day, but wax dries up after a while. Wax gives a stronger hold and lets you be more creative with your beard or hair. It’s like a super-hold buddy for short to medium hair!

What are the top benefits of beard balm and pomade?

Beard balm and pomade have similar good things for your beard:

No More Beard Issues: They help fix problems like dandruff, split ends, and itchy skin under your beard.

benefits of beard balm and pomade

Keeps beard Healthy: Ensure your beard and the skin underneath stay healthy and hydrated, stopping flaking and discomfort.

Easy Styling: They make your beard soft and easy to style because of ingredients like beeswax that hold your beard in place.

Trendy Beards: They help you keep up with the cool beard trends by keeping your beard looking great.

So, using these products is like giving your beard a treat.

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