A beard balm is one of the most versatile beard products for facial hairs. But is using beard balm on your hair recommended? Many friends ask me, “Can I use beard balm on my head hair and mustache”?

I thought to give it a shot because there was no detailed answer on the net.

Many wonder about this question because a single product on both the hairs lowers your hassle. Doesn’t it? So, I applied it to my hair and mustache to see if it was beneficial.

With that said, let me get straight to the answer right now. 

Can I Use Beard Balm on My Head Hair?

You can use beard balm to condition and moisturize your head hair. The ingredients are natural and safe to use in any area of your body. But it’s also critical to use it sparingly so your hair doesn’t get too greasy.

Do I recommend using beard balm on head hair? I usually don’t! Some oils in a beard balm are petroleum-based, making them difficult for head hair to absorb. 

Can I Use Beard Balm on My Head Hair and Mustache

Using the beard balm on head hair may cause a build-up of difficult-to-remove waxy oil. This can lead to greasy head hair with difficulty getting a natural shine.

But if you have very dry and curly hair, go for it to enjoy a shiny look and feel. However, you need to consider a few essential things. 

4 Things to Consider When Using Beard Balm on Head Hair and Mustache

Yes, you can use beard balms on your head hair. But, there is a high chance it can build up oil or grease them. Although, the natural ingredients of beard balm work wonders for your hair, only if you know how to apply it. 

1. Use Less Beard Balm on Head Hair

Using a beard balm on the head is risky at the start because you can outdo the product in seconds. It’s greasy, oily, buttery, perfect for facial hair and skin. Also, it hydrates and moisturizes the skin and hair. 

But, when talking about the head, the properties of balm are too oily for the scalp. As head hair and scalps do not absorb the product, you should go for half the pea-size of beard balm.  

How to Use Beard Balm Correctly
How to Use Beard Balm

Facial hairs require extra care and nourishment than head hair. Thus, using a beard balm often on your head and scalp can cause product build-up.

Besides, more oil on your hair may lead to dandruff, dryness, dull and damaged hair. But if you still want to use beard balm on your mustache or head hair, use it less frequently.

2. Using Beard Balm on Hair Has Fewer Benefits

Applying beard balm on head hair is not harmful, but it is not as beneficial either. Your hair can get moisturized, of course.

There is nothing more the product offers. The balm used on the head strands is minimal, so it does not provide the expected benefits. 

While you wonder if you can use beard balm on head hair and mustache, you should understand the difference between beard and head hair, right?

3. Difference Between Beard Hair and Head Hair

Beard hairs are thicker and more textured than head hair. They grow in different directions and speeds. Facial hairs are androgenic and depend on the amount of testosterone in the body.

Beard Hair VS Head Hair

The scalp skin is more oily than the skin under the facial hair. Terminal hairs and head hairs are thick, long, and dark. So using a beard balm on your head hair doesn’t make sense.

4. Difference Between Beard Balm and Head Balm

The ingredients used in beard balm and head hair balm are completely different. Beard balm contains natural ingredients like:

  • Essential oils.
  • Carrier oils.
  • And wax.

While the head hair balm usually contains these ingredients:

  • Aqua, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol,
  • Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine,
  • Glutamic Acid, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol,
  • Benzyl Alcohol, silicones, glycerin, and more. 

These chemicals make the products perform differently. Head hair balms are harsh for facial hair. Beard balm conditions and manages flyaway hair while providing a sheen and sheer look.

What is Beard Balm

For the delicate task of caring for your facial hair, beard balm is a much better choice than head hair balm.

Quick Takeaway: Can You Use Beard Balm on Head Hair

A beard balm is a leave-in conditioner for the beard only. You can use beard balm on your head hair, but there is no practical reason. Excessive use can form dandruff, oil, and grease on the head. But it can be an adequate substitute for a few days.

FAQs on Using Beard Balm on Head Hair & Mustache

Let me answer a few more questions about applying beard balm on hair, mustache, and stubble.

Can You Use Beard Balm On Stubble?

You can use beard balm on your stubble, but you might not want to. A beard balm is better suited for long beard hairs. I’d recommend using beard oils on your stubble because of the lower hold. If your stubble remains too dry, consider transitioning to a beard balm for a short time.

Can You Use Beard Balm On A Mustache?

You can use beard balm on your mustache or sideburns for better hold and style. A beard balm can help mold and shape unruly or wild-looking mustache hair by keeping them in place. So, don’t forget your mustache when you use beard balm on facial hair.

What else can beard balm be used for?

Beard Balm

You can use a beard balm to manage a beard, mustache, eyebrows, or head hair. Some natural balms are also applicable as skin moisturizers and body lotions. You can also use it to moisturize your fragile nails and cuticles. I have used a beard balm to help me unzip a tight zipper.

Can I use regular hair conditioner on my beard?

It would help if you did not use a regular conditioner on your beard because it contains harsh chemicals that irritate sensitive facial skin and hair. In addition, the head scalp is way different and more rigid than facial skin. The conditioners designed for beards are usually organic and chemical-free.

Can I use beard balm on my eyebrows?

You can apply beard balm to your brows without fear of damaging them. The beard balm ingredients contain no harmful chemicals, so you won’t react badly. Rub a little balm between your fingers and then massage it to enjoy in-line eyebrows all day. Please keep it away from your eyes!

Is beard balm good for head hair?

Does Beard Balm Help Growth

You can use a beard on your head hair because of its moisturizing and nourishing benefits. But, the product does not provide any extra benefit or hold for long. Beard balms can even produce oil or grease on your head and scalp. So, it’s up to you if you really want to use it on your head hair.

Can Beard Oil Be Used on Head Hair?

Yes, you can use beard oil on your head hair; but you must understand a few things. Beard oil is normally focused on beard care, so they often leave out what is needed for head hair. It’s normally made with carrier oils, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. This means they are often good at moisturizing the skin but less so when nourishing the head hair.

Can you use beard balm on your skin?

A beard balm that has all-natural ingredients is perfectly safe for your skin. You can use it to moisturize dry skin spots like elbows, hands, and knuckles. Apply it a few times each week to have softer feeling of skin.

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