There are many things that can make a beard look unkempt, but the worst of them all is a neck beard. It instinctively tempts a person to look away, because of the feeling of disgust it causes on its onlooker.
Most men have plenty of facial hair growing down their necks, even more than they have on cheeks and jaw line. Mapping your facial hair is important, because allowing them to grow in unwanted places can lead to an unkempt beard. Such a beard will also be harder to maintain when it’s fully grown.
The following steps will get rid of the dreaded neckline undermining your beard appearance, while maintaining your beard’s length.

How to shave your neckline

It’s important to know where to shave your neckline from because overdoing it can lead to loss of thickness and volume from your beard. Your beard will also have a more irregular shape, if you remove your hair up till your jaw line, the hair will jut out at an odd angle. To create a seamless neckline and beard:
Trim your beard’s length and unruly hair sticking up from it
Use your trimmer to remove your hair from your neck, to above an inch above your Adam’s apple
With the help of handy razor and shaving cream, remove the stubble for a cleaner finish

The distance you keep from your Adam’s apple can vary, depending on your neck and beard length. However trimming it, roughly an inch or two above your Adam’s apple is the general rule. It is basically from the line that separates your neck and face. This may also depend on your personal preference, but make sure to trim it above your Adam’s apple. Otherwise, you’ll be defeating the purpose of what it means to shave your neckline
A shaving cream and razor will give you a sleek look and make your beard’s length look intentional. Using a shaving cream prior to scraping off the residue stubble will also prevent ingrown hair, irritation and rashes.
Clearly shaved neck can take your beard game to the next level, if done properly. Here are a few tips to maintain that outlook and give your neckline the care it deserves.
Tips for Shaving your neckline

Cleanse and scrub your neck line before shaving
Keep your shaving equipments clean- this includes your trimmer and your guard combs. If you’re using a razor, make sure to change them frequently
Try to trim your neckline in the direction of hair growth
Don’t exfoliate too often or exfoliate your neckline too harshly
Use a shaving cream prior to shaving your neckline- you can also opt for a pre shave oil in which case you’re going to have to apply it, prior to applying shave cream
Try using cold water to shave your neckline as it reduces irritation
Take care of your neckline like you care for your beard and skin- cleanse and exfoliate it regularly
Keep your neckline under check- Don’t ignore the acne building up there, or any other issues you might be experiencing down there
Shave your neck line gently- don’t apply too much pressure on your razor when shaving
Stretch out your neck, using the pressure of your finger tips, and tilt your head backwards. However, don’t over stretch it.
Completely remove the shaving cream after you’re done shaving your neckline, using lukewarm water

Most Frequently Asked questions about Shaving your Neckline

From where should I start shaving my neckline?

An inch or two above your Adam’s apple. You can trace this mark with the help of two finger tips. Increase or decrease this length according to your neck’s height, as well as your beard length, and your personal preference.

How to trim my neck line if I have a shorter beard?

You will have to shave it further toward the top, closer to your jaw line. This is because neck hair is easily visible underneath shorter beards as compared to longer beards.

How often should I shave my neckline?

You may need to trim your neckline more than your beard. About, 2-3 times a week.

Should I trim my neckline before, or after I trim my beard?

Definitely, after. Determining your neckline or even defining your sideburns before trimming your beard, doesn’t offer the depth to your beard.

Should I trim my neckline with a trimmer or razor?

We would recommend using a razor as it is easier to control, and gives a cleaner finish.
(Always be careful and gentle, when using a razor on your neckline.)

Do I trim my neckline upward or downward?

Try doing it downward, in the direction of your hair growth. If you think this is too time-consuming, then use a razor and shaving cream to clean your neckline, and shave it upward. This method is safer because it prevents ingrown hair, as well as razor burns.

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