So you wonder, “What would I look like with a beard?” before you decide to grow your facial fuzz. Or it may be just fun to see yourself with a beard. Fortunately, you can do it all with a beard app or facial hair app.

There are a lot of beard simulators you can try. The realistic beard apps add facial hair to your photos, but to a certain extent. They’re a wonderful way to know what you would look like with a beard. 


No facial hair app puts a realistic beard on your photos. Some apps bombard you with ads. Yet, I’ve tried my best to come up with only the best beard apps for you at BeardRage.

Let’s get started!

Best Beard Apps and Beard Simulators for Android, iOS, Web

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1. Beardify – Beard Photo Booth

Beardify Beard App

The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. There’s a full-fledged website dedicated to the Beardify app. According to the developers, a beard isn’t just facial hair; it’s awesomeness escaping through your face.

I at BeardRage also believe in the same philosophy. Anyway, the app lets you have fun with beardedness and breathlessness as well.

There are several great-looking styles to try. The makers have also created apps like Oldify, Stacheify, Baldify, and many others. 

What I like

The app does what it claims and has a strong background.

What I don’t like

The app isn’t free and still sometimes messes up.

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2. Men Beard Photo Editor Boy Hairstyle Salon – Android Beard App

Men Beard Photo Editor Beard App

This facial hair app helps you put a mustache, pair of goggles, cap, and beard on your photos. You can upload an image from your photo gallery or take a photo using your phone. There are dozens of beard styles to try.

Resizing and rotating your facial fuzz makes them fit. Once you are done, save your bearded photos and share them across your social media profiles to have fun. 

What I like:

You can choose from a variety of beard styles

What I don’t like:

The app serves tons of ads, especially when you launch it.

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3. Beard Booth Studio – Beard App for iOS

Beard Booth Studio - iOS Beard App

Beard Booth Studio is an iOS app for seeing what you would look like with a beard. You can, of course, change your mustache and beard styles. The interface is really simple. You can choose a picture or take a new one without leaving the app.

There are several classic and contemporary beards and mustaches you can try. Move around your beard, so it suits you.

Once you are done, save the beard makeover to your phone. Emailing or sharing it on social media is also hassle-free. 

What I like

Every beard style has a name, so you learn along the way. Beards have different colors.

What I don’t like

Developers aren’t active in updating the app, and you can’t change the beard colors.

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4. Beard Photo Editor  – Beard Simulator

Beard Photo Editor - Beard App for Android

Do you like macho beards? Try this android app, and you’ll love it. Just like any other beard app, you need to load your photo from your phone gallery or take a selfie within the app. The variety of beard styles to try is commendable.

Adjusting the beard’s size, brightness, and saturation is also hassle-free. Make it as realistic as you can with this facial hair app.

What I like

The app has an AI system that chooses the beard according to your face.

What I don’t like

It doesn’t have enough colors, doesn’t look real, and crashes sometimes.

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5. Man Photo Editor – Android Beard App

Man Photo Editor - Android Beard App

The app makes you look stylish with various hairstyles, mustaches, goggles, and suits. And it’s a ‘what would I look like with a beard app as well. There are many beard styles to choose from.

Beard and mustache colors are distinct. It’s a full-fledged app for a man. Choose an image, select your favorite beard, adjust and download it on your phone. Like every other app here, it gives you an idea of what you will look like with a beard.

What I like

There’s a complete list of facial fuzz and accessories you can add.

What I don’t like

Beard colors aren’t changeable. And the app has tons of annoying ads.  

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6. Manly – iOS Beard App

Manly Beard App for iOS

Beardify yourself with this manly facial hair app on all your Apple products. But it doesn’t stop here.

You can change hairstyles, add tattoos, and put on powerful muscles in your photos. There’s an extensive collection of beard styles you can try on yourself.

Add an image from your phone gallery and edit it according to your face. Sharing it on social media to spread the love beard is also hassle-free with the app. Look no further than this app if you are using iOS.

What I like

I like the variety of beards the fantastic app has got.

What I don’t like

The overall execution is slow and poor (just like other bearding apps)

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7. GroomTribe Styling & Shaving – iOS & Android App by Phillips

Phillips Beard App

Try the GroomTribe Styling & Shaving app created by Phillips. Because a world-renowned brand has created it, you can trust its quality.

The virtual facial hair styles software helps you put a realistic beard on your face in seconds.

You can upload or snap a selfie and try over 23 facial hairstyles. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems. 

What I like

It’s not just about trying a beard on your face but taking care of your facial fuzz.

What I don’t like 

The app may crash and not be compatible with your phone. 

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How Would I Look Like With A Beard Online

These are online web apps or web-based virtual facial hairstyles software you can enjoy using any browsing software like Chrome or Safari.

8. Photomontage by PhotoFunny – Beard Simulator

Photomontage - Beard Simulator

The app helps you put a beard on your face in photos online. The online app has many stickers of beards to give you a funny look. Upload a photo, and you will be directed to the PhotoFunny editor.

Select and adjust many beard styles, from vintage looks to graybeards. I recommend you select the photo in which you go out in the front position. There are many realistic beard stickers on this facial hair app. 

What I like

Editing your beard is a lot more fun on this app. You can adjust angles and shadows.

What I don’t like

When I clicked on ‘download this image, it said, ‘resource not found. Maybe it happened to me only. 

9. Manuary – Beard Generator

Manuary Beard Generator is a simple beard simulator website to beautify yourself online. Upload your photo from the storage, choose the beard swag, and click on the next section. That’s all you need to do to get a beard photo of your face.

You can also choose from real beards, illustrated beards, and Freepik beards. But the beard generator still doesn’t have a variety of beards to try. But it’s better than other apps because it doesn’t serve many ads.

What I like

The app offers stickers of real, animated, and Freepik beards.

What I don’t like

There’s no variety of bearding stickers.

10. Mustachified – Beard Simulator 

Mustachified Beard Simulator

Mustachified isn’t just about putting on a mustache. It’s also an online beard generator. You can try out different beards, mustaches, caps, and goggles in your photos.

Mustachified is a great facial hair app to have fun with a beard on your face and share it on social media. All you need to do is upload your photo, select the illustration, adjust the dimensions, and boom! Downloading is just a ‘Grab it’s a button away. 

What I like

I like the app’s simplicity with a no-nonsense interface.

What I don’t like

A limited number of bearding stickers.

Summarizing “What Would I Look Like With A Beard?”

All these beard apps and simulators are wonderful to know what you would look like with a beard. Honestly, these beard generators don’t provide you with realistic beards.

Trying them is really fun, though. But if you want to see how you will look with a beard, confront your mirror 🙂

And leave your comment to let me know your favorite beard simulator or facial hair app. I love to hear from you.

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