Avocado Oil for Beard
Avocado oil is essentially a byproduct of avocado pulp. The pulp is cold pressed on 45C, in order to extract the oil. This means that all its nutritional benefits are retained and is an excellent source of good fat for your diet.
Besides its nutritional benefits, avocado oil is also great for your skin and beard. It is increasingly being used in beauty products by numerous brands.
The article below will tell you more about some of the benefits of avocado oil for your beard as well as guide you on its use.
Benefits of avocado oil for your beard

Moisturizes your beard
Avocado oil is loaded with omega 3 fatty acid chains. Minerals like zinc within the oil, help to moisturize your beard and scalp and revitalize your beard strands.
The non comedogenic properties of the oil allow the oil to be absorbed quickly into your beard, without weighing it down.
Provides elasticity and reduces frizz
Due to its moisture locking and anti oxidant properties, avocado oil improves the appearance of your beard by strengthening your locks.
The vitamins within the oil help your beard remain healthy. Substances like sterol within the oil help maintain keratinocytes (the blocks that make up your hair). This reduces breakage, improves elasticity and helps your beard remain intact, even as you get older.
Nourishes your scalp
For a healthy beard, you must have a healthy scalp that is getting the proper diet. Avocado oil holds just that and much more for the right growth of your hair.
It also takes care of your beard scalp, by preventing issues like beardruff, dryness and beard itch. It prevents clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts building on your beard scalp, that get in the way of healthy growth.
Apart from that, avocado oil is loaded with vitamin C that helps replenish your skin and stimulates collagen production. Collagen is a protein essential in the making of skin. This allows your beard scalp and locks to remain youthful even with increasing age.

Protects your beard from damage
The antioxidant properties of avocado oil keep your beard free of free radicals, and harmful pollutants within the air. It also protects it for the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun that incur damage and weakens your beard locks. Weak and dry beard locks are prone to breakage and beard fall.
Avocado oil protects and strengthens your beard locks, and reduces chances of breakage. This paves the way for a full and thick beard.

Increases blood flow
Avocado oil has plenty of vitamin B that is used in the production of red blood cells. This stimulates blood flow within your beard follicles and allows better access of oxygen and nutrients to your beard follicles. The increased supply of nutrients help your beard to grow better and faster. With the added vitamins and minerals of avocado oil, takes your beard image and growth to another level.
Apart from that, massaging avocado oil on your beard scalp also increases blood flow to your beard follicles. Regular application of avocado oil will keep your beard healthy, moisturized and well oxygenated.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals
Avocado oil contains many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, C, D and E, as well as zinc and potassium that help in keeping your beard and skin healthy. Zinc helps to add shine to your hair, and plays a part in its growth and repair.
Potassium enters potassium channels surrounding your beard follicles, via your beard scalp. This influx of potassium further helps to improve the distribution of blood and nutrients to your hair.
Adds shine
Avocado oil adds a natural shine to your beard, without making it look greasy or unnatural. This is due to its non comedogenic properties that allow it to be absorbed readily into your hair and scalp.
Avocado oil is one of the few oils that are able to penetrate your hair cuticles and providing them direct moisture. This allows your hair to produce a natural shine, rather than a forced greasy one.

Avocado oil for beard growth

The myth of beard growth has been busted many times. There is no such oil that can magically sprout hair on your chin and jaw line when you simply don’t have the genes. No, not even avocado oil.
However, sometimes our beard growth is undermined by other factors, such as poor diet and sleep cycle and lack of physical activity. Beard growth is also undermined by low testosterone levels which could be due to increasing age and obesity.
These levels could be raised by taking supplements, improving your diet and increasing physical activity.
Avocado oil can prove effective in beard growth due to its vitamin rich content and efficient absorption properties. These uplift the appearance of your beard by ensuring it’s getting the right nutrients.
This also includes the increased blood flow to your beard follicles that increases the supply of nutrients to your beard. By replenishing you hair tissues, avocado oil increases their longevity, and helps to speed up your beard growth rate. The high vitamin B content also keeps your hormone levels.
Fluctuating hormone levels can have a drastic effect on beard growth (particularly androgenic hormones). By keeping them balanced, avocado oil ensures sustained facial hair growth.

How to use avocado oil on beard

The application of avocado oil is fairly easy, due to its smooth texture and low viscosity. However, you want to make sure your beard is clean and washed before applying avocado oil.
Clean your beard with a gentle beard wash, and pat dry
Take a few drops of avocado oil on your palm and spread it on your hands
Gently rake through your beard, starting at the bottom and slowly making your way up
Massage the oil into your scalp in small circular motions, so that it isn’t left without moisture
Comb your beard to ensure the oil spreads evenly on your beard locks

Make sure you are not rubbing too aggressively, or in upward motion since this can lead to an erratic beard.
It is better to start with less, so that you don’t apply too much and leave your beard looking greasy. You can repeat the process, if you feel it isn’t enough.
Avocado oil beard benefits


There is no denying that avocado oil has numerous benefits for your beard, and has all the right ingredients to make your beard shine. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin and minerals that are good for your beard, but it is essentially carrier oil.
Carrier oil is much milder as compared to essential oils and so the results will be slower than regular beard oil. You can, however, add essential oils to avocado oil to make your own customized beard oil.
However, make sure that it is suitable to your skin and beard, since it is not suited to all types of skin.
Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does avocado oil clog hair follicles?

Avocado oil is an oil with a comedogenic rating of 3. Comedogenic rating is the tendency of a substance to clog pores and cause black heads. Due to comedogenic level of just 3, there is a very low chance of you developing black heads, or clogging your hair follicles with the application avocado oil.

Can people with oily beard use avocado oil?

The non comedogenic oil is highly suitable for oily skin. It quickly absorbs into your skin and beard due to its low viscosity, without your beard looking or feeling greasy. Apart from that, avocado oil helps to maintain a balanced ph of your skin.

This controls the sebum produced on your scalp and reduces the chance of building clogged pores, blackheads and acne breakouts.

What is better for beard; coconut oil or avocado oil?

Although both oils are pretty absorbent, coconut oil tends to sit on skin and hair longer than avocado oil.
Avocado oil is richer in vitamin and mineral content than coconut oil but has to be applied with precaution on certain skin types.
Coconut oil is safe to apply on all skin type, but is more comedogenic than avocado oil making it more suitable for drier skin. All in all, what is better for your beard depends on what type of skin and beard you have.
Is avocado oil good for all beard types?

Avocado oil is mainly carrier oil that makes it safe for use on all skin and beard types. This means that it is mild, and won’t trigger any immediate reaction or allergy on your beard or beard scalp. A healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin will definitely improve your beard appearance and growth.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is suitable for all skin and hair types. Those who have dermatitis should use it with extra precaution and not without the consultation of a doctor.

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